Our cabinetry supplier, Cabinets OnLine provides the following warranty on all cabinets:

Cabinets Online Pty Ltd Manufacturer’s Warranty

Cabinets Online Pty Ltd A.C.N. 103 429 474 “The Manufacturer” warrants that these works are free
from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of ten (10) years from the date of delivery
(“The Warranty Period”).
Subject to the conditions of warranty set out below, if the works are found to be defective within The
Warranty Period, the Manufacturer will, in its sole and absolute discretion, repair, have repaired at its
cost, or replace the works or, as the case may be, the defective part thereof, free of charge.
Any claim pursuant to this warranty must be made and delivered to the Manufacturer in writing prior to
the expiration of seven (7) years from the date of delivery of the works to the acquirer.
Unless the following conditions are met, this warranty will be void and of no force or effect both at law
and in equity and the Manufacturer will have no liability to the acquirer whatsoever pursuant to this

Conditions of Warranty:
1. The works must have been assembled (where required) and installed in a proper and
workmanlike manner by a duly qualified tradesperson who is, where required at the relevant
time, licensed to carry out such installation.
2. The defect must not be due to misuse, improper assembly, or installation of the works.
3. Any alteration/modification to the works must only be made after the prior written consent of
Manufacturer is obtained and any terms and conditions imposed by the Manufacturer in giving
that consent, complied with.
4. There must not be any misuse of the works by anyone for whom the acquirer has legal
responsibility (including a minor).
5. The works must have been at all times prior to the claim, adequately and properly maintained.
6. Where assembly of the works is required (whether in whole or in part), the same must have
been assembled in accordance with the Manufacturer’s instructions.
7. The works must not have been exposed to water, heat or steam (which can cause swelling of
joints or edges or create bubbles in the laminate or on the door panel edges).
[NB: The Manufacturer strongly advises that the use of electrical appliances such as kettles or
frying pans under overhead cabinets is not advisable and nor is their storage or usage (whilst
hot) in any appliance storage cabinet forming part of the works].

Warranty Exclusion
• This warranty does not extend to damage to any painted or laminated surface contained in the
• Apart from any warranties implied by the Trade Practices Act 1974 or State legislation, all other
warranties expressed or implied and whether arising by virtue of statute or otherwise are hereby
• If the works, or any part thereof, are, following the Manufacturer having initially accepted
responsibility to repair any defect pursuant to this warranty, it is found the defect is due to abuse,
misuse or improper assembly or installation, the costs incurred by the Manufacture in or about
effecting any repair or rectification required, will be charged to the claimant and upon the invoice
therefore issuing to the claimant, the amount thereof shall, if not paid within seven (7) days, be a
liquidated debt due and payable by the claimant to the Manufacturer.
• This warranty is not transferable except to the extent that where the acquirer informs the
Manufacturer in writing at the time of acquisition of the work that it is acquiring the work from the
Manufacturer as an on-seller in which event the person first acquiring the works from the onseller
will have the benefit of this warranty.

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